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Hearts is an evasion-type trick-taking playing card game. Avoid taking any card of hearts or the queen of sádes because taking them will lose you points






How to play


The objective of the game of Hearts is to have the least amount of points when one player eventually reaches 50 points.

Game Flow

Hearts is a game of rounds and tricks. A round consists of players using all their cards in tricks, and a trick consists of esach player playing one card - with the strongest card winning. The winner takes the points of the cards played on that trick.


Before each round, you choose 3 cards to give to another player. Choose wisely because this is the best moment to define your own strategy. After all players choose their cards to give, the round starts. The player with the 2 of clubs always starts the first trick of the round. The following player must play a card of the same suit. If they don't have it, they can play any suit and discard it.

When everyone has played, the player who placed the highest card of hte chosen suit takes the cards from the table. When taking cards from the table, the player receives points based on which cards he took. The next trick starts with the player who won the previous trick choosing the starting suit. When all the cards in the hand are used up, the points of the round go to the total points and a new one starts.

Special Cards

When taking cards of the table, the player receives the following points depending on which cards he has. Their value is:

  • Hearts: all cards of the Hearts suit are worth 1 point

  • Queen of Spades: worth 13 points

  • Other cards: no points

The game ends when someone scores 50 points in total and whoever has the fewest points wins.


Hearts: all cards of the hearts suit are worth 1 point


Queen of Spades: worth 13 points


 Other cards: no points

The game ends when someone scores 50 points in total and whoever has the fewest points, winds

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