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Blend Off


Straighten your apron, grab your blender, and prepare to mix some fruit in this smoothie showdown of skill and speed!

In Blend Off, you face off in real-time against your opponents to see who can mix the most smoothies in the shortest amount of time. With intuitive gameplay and a colorful theme, Blend Off is great for families or groups looking for something quick and fun.

Scot Eaton




How to play


Complete recipes and earn the most points to win!

Game Flow

Roll the dice, collect fruits, and make blend recipes! Each recipe has a value between 1 and 3 pints. When all recipes are done, the game ends, and the player with the most points wins! The actions each player may take at any time are: Collect, Dump, and Blend.

Group 660.png

COLLECTION: on each dice roll, you may collect one fruit stolen that matches the faceup side of the dice and place it on one of your blenders, or you may ignore the result and reroll. The purple question mark is a wild. When it is rolled, take one fruit token of your choice, but not the durian

Group 712.png

DISCARD: you can dump the fruits from one of your blenders. Since the fruits are all mixed up, all the content will be thrown back into the stock

Group 751.png

MIX: you can pour the fruits from one blender into your other blender, combining their contents

Group 706.png

BLEND: when the fruits in one of your blenders form the same combination as one of the recipes, hit the blend button


purple question mark in a recipe may be fulfilled by any fruit other than the durian. Onc you finish your blend, you have laid claim to the Order. Nobody can steal it from you or ruin your recipe with the durian

Special Cards


DURIAN: if all of a particular fruit has been taken and your dice lands on it, you have to take the durian fruit token and add it to someone's blender, causing them to immediately Dump all of the fruit from that Blender back into the central supply. If you have the Enduriance Challenge recipe available, however, the durian will be worth 4 points and you should Dump it on one of your own Blenders

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