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Once again, the dwarves set out in search of adventures and, this time, they discovered a mine of shiny crystals. It was then decided that whoever collected the most crystals by the end of the day would become the owner of the mine, even if it meant resorting to a little sabotage of the competitors' work




How to play

Each player, in their turn, can explore the mine or save cards in the chest. Turns continue until the Mine Deck runs out.

At the end of the game, players score the value of all crystals in their collection, plus a bonus for sets of 4 of the same crystals. Whoever has the most valuable collection is the winner.


On their turn, the active player must choose one of the following actions:


To begin the exploration, the player reveals the top card from the Mine Card deck, starting the Exploration Line.

Once it's revealed, a card is added to the Exploration Line. Next, the player must decide whether to stop exploring the Mine, or to continue exploring it.

That's enough for today!

If the player decides to stop, the turn ends.

Get to work!

If the player decides to continue, they reveal another Mine Card. Mine Cards can have two types of icons: Hire a Helper or Unstable Crystal.



      Once a card with this icon is used, the active player may discard it immediately to buy a Helper Card from the deck and add it to their hand.


     Some cards have an Unstable Crystal icon. These icons are distributed in six different positions. Two or more Unstable Crystals in the Exploration Line that are not located in the same position are not a problem. However, two Unstable Crystals located in the same position cause an accident immediately.

     The player continues exploring the Mine until they decide to stop or an accident happens. If an accident happens, all cards in the line are discarded and the turn ends immediately.


The player chooses any of the Mine Card columns in their crystal collection (accumulated in previous turns) and places all the cards in that column under their Chest card. The player may examine his protected cards at any time. After protecting their column, the turn ends immediately.


     The game ends when the last Mine Card is revealed and placed in the Exploration Line. Any effects caused by this card are resolved. If there is no accident, the active player collects all cards. Then, the game ends immediately.

     Each player assembles all Mine Cards in their collection, protected and unprotected, to score them:

     1- The number at the top of the Mine Card indicates the value of the crystal. The player adds up the values on all his cards.

     2- For each set of 4 matching Mine Cards (Crystals of the same color and value), the player receives a bonus of 5 points.

     The player with the highest score is the winner. In case of a tie, the player with the most value 1 Mine Cards wins. If the tie persists, compare the cards of value 2, and so on, until a winner is defined.

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