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Charades is a funny guessing game where friends try to male their friends guess as many words as possible in a short time, but only through gestures (no talking allowed)






How to play


Match the highest number of words to score, each word is worth 1 point. The team with the most points after 2 full rounds will be the winner

Game Flow

The group is divided into 2 teams. The two teams will take turns who does the mime. One person goes to the front, and they will have 60 seconds to get their team to get the most words right. The person in front receives on his cell phone the word that he must mime


Remembering that they can only make gestures! They cannot make any kind of sound, nor point at elements around them! Your team is then guessing whatever word it is. When the group gets it right, the person miming marks the hit, and then gets a new word. They can skip to the next word if they want, but the number of skips is limited. At the end of time, the team scores 1 point for each word they got right! Everyone in the group will do this 2 times, and then the game is over

The team that is waiting its turn receives options of words to send to whoever is doing the mime. You can try to make the match more difficult or fun!

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