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Cheat is a fun bluff game where players take turns discarding and announcing their cards. The objective is being the first one to empty your hand, and to get there, lying is mandatory!






How to play


Be the first one to empty your hand

Game Flow

Each round, the first player chooses a single card, then picks any number of cards from their hand to play, announcing their number to be the same as the chosen card's. Every subsequent player will also, in their own turn, have to play cards that supposedly match that number as well.

Any time after the first turn, however, anyone may press the Cheat! button to claim the last player didn't match the number; and the one that presses it is the doubter. If the last player did lie, they take all cards from the pile, the round ends, and the doubter now goes first. If the last player told the truth, the round still ends, but the opposite happens with the liar going next and the doubter taking the pile.

Since emptying your hand is the goal, you'll want to play as many cards as possible without getting called out!


DOUBT: if you doubt that the last person played what they said, hit this button to question!


IT WAS TRUE: the doubter draws all the cards played so far, and the challenged player begins the next round


IT WAS A LIE: whoever doubted starts the next round, while the challenged player draws all the cards on the table

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