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Although it's no longer used as an investigative tool, the Rorschach test was used for decades as a way of evaluating people. Today, we, players, go on a similar journey with inkblots. one player is the patient, while everyone else is a Doctor trying to understand their patient. If your answer is chosen by the patient, you score points. Simple. Or is it?




How to play

In each session, one player is the Patient while the rest are Doctors. A new Ikblot card will be presented along with a category prompt. The Patient may look at the "inkblot" from any angle they may see fit, then must input what they see in the "inkblot". Bear in mind that the answer should fit the chosen category.

At every turn, each Doctor may ask the Patient a question about what they see in the "inkblot". You may not guess what they wrote down. The patient must truthfully answer all Doctors' questions with a yes or a no, but should not volunteer other information.

Any Doctor may hold the "I know it!" button any time after the first round of questions. By doing this, one more round of questions will occur, and after that, every Doctor must input their guesses for what the patient sees. Next, the Patient gives stars to the best 3 guesses [2 if there are only 3 players], and the number of stars each Doctor receives is their score. If the Lead Doctor scored at least a single star, they get a bonus star.

  • 3 stars to an exact or very close guess

  • 2 stars to a very good guess

  • 1 star to an average guess

The game will end after every player has the chance to be the Patient at least 1 time. Whoever has the highest score will be the winner

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