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Allumbra - The Duel is a casual card game for two player that involves strategy, pinches of luck and quick matches inside of a magical universe where the Steel Champions contest with the Wizards' Order for control over the energy crystals. Each side needs to plan their strategy and predict the opponent's intentions to gain the upperhand and emerge victorious.




How to play


The goal is to defeat you opponent, reducing their energy to ZERO.

Game Flow

  • Each player starts with 10 energy [maximum] and 5 ammo [10 is the maximum]

  • Each player receives 6 cards anad plays one simultaneously

  • If you played an attack card, you pay the cost [ammo] and deal the damage to your opponent's energy

  • If the opponent played a card that cancels your action, you pay the cost [ammo], but don't deal any damage

[The card effects are on their bottom part]

On every turn, each player will play 3 cards. On the 1st turn, you will play one card at a time until it reaches the 3 card count. On the 2nd turn you will receive 3 more cards and will now choose the first and second cards for the turn, which will be revealed one at a time.

From the 3rd turn onward you will start to choose the 3 actions at once, but they will still be resolved one by one.


Cancel Hide

Cancel Calculated Shot

Cancel Pulverize

If the opponent plays Cauterizegain 2 energy

Next action this turn doesn't have cost

Next action this turn deals +1 damage

Cancel Hide. If succeeds, gain 2 ammo





If the opponent plays Reloadgain 2 ammo

Next Action

Card Effects

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