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A Dobro game is divided into 3 rounds and each round is divided into multiple Climbs. On each Climb players play cards on the table, always increasing the value in play.




How to play


To win a game, your objective is to take as few cards as possible during the climbs. Whoever has the fewest cards at the end after 3 rounds wins.

Game Flow

Dobro is a climbing game where players need to play a card equal to or greater than the last one played on the table, and if the card is equal, it doubles. If you can't play a card, take all the cards as negative points. The order is not fixed and can be changed by one of the special cards.

Special Cards

REVERSE: you match the amount played by the last player and reverse the order of play, making it the last player's turn again

MATCH: you match the amountplayed by the last player and move on to the next

JOKER: you can choose any nymber from 2 to 12 to set the value of this card. It can be used individually or to double up with another card in your hand

FORGOTTEN: you must draw new cards after eery turn [until the desck runs out]. If you forget to draw, you receive this card. If someone forgets after you, the card goes to that person. Whoever has it at the end of the round scores [negative].

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