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Which countries have the most castles? What are the fastest land animals? What are the most consumed fruit juices in the world? In each round of "The Top!?" you will test your knowledge on a different subject!




How to play


The winner is the first player to collect four category cards, or the only player who has not been knocked out.

Game Flow

The Top takes place over a series of rounds. At the start of a new round, a card is shown at the center of the table with its category.


On your turn, you may either pass or answer. If you pass, you can no longer participate in the round


To answer, name one item that you believe will be on the top 10 list of answers on the back of the card. If you answer, all other players will have a chance to challenge your answer if they think your answer is not on the card

For example: in the category "Fruit most consumed", you might say "apple" or "lemon".

If no other players challenge your answer, the player to your right must provide a different answer than the one that has already been given, or pass.

Play continues around the table until a player's answer is challenged. As a result, each player may add an answer multiple times.

The round ends after a successful challenge, or when all but one player has passed. If this happens, the player who has not passed wins the category.

CHALLENGING AN ANSWER: any player who has not yet passed may challenge another player's answer. If you believe a player's answer is not on the other side of the card, press the "IT'S NOT TOP" button and choose who you're challenging.

The challenger picks up the category card and examines the top 10 list on the back. ONLY THE CHALLENGER MAY READ THE BACK OF THE CARD!

If the answer that was challenged is listed on the top 10 side of the card, the challenge fails. The challenger loses 1 heart and is no longer allowed to play in the current round.

If the answer that was challenged is NOT listed on the top 10 side of the card, the challenge succeeds. The player who has challenged loses a chance, the round ends and the contestant takes the category card.

GETTING KNOCKED OUT: if you lose your last chance, you are out of the game and can no longer answer or challenge answers

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