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In this collective game, all the players work together to create a beautiful firework display. But every player has to hold his cards back to front: you cannot see your own cards! So you have to give your partners smart advice and remember all the information collected.




How to play

Hanabi is a cooperative game where players must work together to create a spectacular firework show by placing cards on the table in the correct order. However, the twist is that players hold their cards so that they face away from them, meaning they cannot see their own cards but can see all other players' cards. The objective of Hanabi is to score points by playing cards in five stacks, one for each color (red, green, blue, yellow, and white) in the order of 1-5. The maximum score is 25, achieved by completing all five stacks.


     The deck consists of 50 cards, with five colors (suits) and numbers 1-5 in each color. Each color has three '1's, two each of '2's, '3's, and '4's, and one '5'.
    Cards are shuffled, and players are dealt a hand of cards. The number of cards dealt depends on the number of players (5 cards in a 2-3 player game, 4 cards in a 4-5 player game).
    Players hold their cards facing away, so they can't see their own cards.
    There are also 8 hint tokens and 3 heart tokens (used to track mistakes).


Players take turns, and on a player's turn, they must take one of the following actions:

Give Information: Spend a hint token to give a hint about another player's hand. You can tell a player about a single color or number in their hand but must point out all cards of that color or number. You cannot give partial information.

Discard a Card: Discard a card to gain a hint token back. The discarded card is accounted for in the discard pile.

Play a Card: Attempt to play a card on the table. To play a card, it must start a new stack of its color or follow the last card played in that stack numerically. If the card can't be played correctly, it's discarded, a heart token is lost, and if all heart tokens are wasted, the game ends. A successful play of a '5' in any stack returns a hint token as a reward. The game ends when the third heart token is lost, the players successfully complete all five stacks, or the deck runs out. If the deck runs out, each player gets one final turn. The team's score is the total value of the highest-numbered card in each stack.


The game doesn't have a win or lose condition per se but rather a scoring system. After the game ends, the score is tallied based on the highest number in each of the color stacks. The total possible score is 25, and the score determines how well the players performed as a team, from a disappointing display of fireworks to the most dazzling show imaginable.

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