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You always have much more to discover about the person next to you, believe me. With over 150 questions and challenges full of fun and excitement, you will truly connect with anyone through their stories. dive in to feel (a lot) and remember: without connection, life has no meaning! this is an exclusive version of This Is Not A Game with the same 4 levels as our physical product but with 50 different questions and an extra level of challenges.

Affection factory This is not a game




How to play

Introducing a dynamic icebreaker game: a deck of cards with personal questions designed to spark engaging conversations among players.

Flexibility is key. Adapt the rules to fit your group's vibe, ensuring everyone's comfortable and engaged. 

Each card has a question. One person at a time asks the question to someone beside them, but this is just a suggestion, everyone can answer in turn or choose one person to answer before moving on to the next question. 

It's all about connection. Whether you're getting to know new faces or diving deeper with familiar ones, each question is a step closer to genuine interaction.


1 - Ask a question to someone and pass the turn to the next person on the right.

2 - Change the phase if the group wants more excitement!

3 - Adapt the rules as you prefer!

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